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Wellness Certification Series

February 6 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am PST


Elevate your workplace wellness and watch your teams thrive! Join us for this interactive, engaging 4-part wellness certification series and learn how to:

  • Boost morale and employee satisfaction.
  • Increase productivity through improved well-being.
  • Foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Enhance team collaboration and communication.

Registration for this event confirms you for all 4 sessions in the series.

2/06/24 WEEK 1: Managing Stress & Burnout at Work

How to re-engage your employees and bring the fun back to work! Does your staff feel increased pressure at work because of changing roles, client needs, and external factors that affect job performance? When an employee feels physically and mentally overwhelmed by stress on the job they are at risk of burnout.

Burnout happens when people who have previously been highly committed to a job lose all interest and motivation. It mainly strikes highly committed, passionate, hardworking, and successful people—and it holds a special fear for those who care passionately about their careers and about the work they do. This session explains what burnout is. It then helps you to recognize the warning signs in yourself, shows you how to avoid it, and helps you re-engage your employees at work!
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the causes of stress
  • Identify the type of stress—good or bad
  • Recognize the consequences of stress
  • Recognize the warning signs of burnout
  • Strategies for coping and managing stress
2/13/24 WEEK 2: Harmony Across Generations: Inclusivity in the Workplace

From Black & White TV to ChaptGPT…

Did you know we currently have 5 generations in the workplace? Work, communication and preferences are all influenced by the a person’s generation. Each generation in your company has a difference in the way they work, think and how they perform their work. These differences can lead to difficulties and conflicts within your work teams. It can also be an opportunity to build a better team that uses the strengths of each generation to that bring the best out of each person. This training will help you bridge the generation gap!

Topics include:
  • What are the generations in the workplace
  • Identify each generations work style
  • How to avoid workplace misunderstanding & conflicts between generations
  • Develop strategies to overcome gap issues
  • Identify recruiting & retention strategies that work for each generation
2/20/24 WEEK 3: Creating a Culture of Professionalism, Civility, and Respect in the Workplace
A culture of trust, professionalism, and respect enhances team efforts and goal attainment. It is essential that effective communication, trust, and respect be honored in the workplace as the foundation for a productive environment. The diversity in today’s workplace, not only involves differences in race, gender, and culture, but also differences in communication style, ages, education, and values. With insight, understanding, and skill development, we can learn to respect others and value differences as opportunities and strengths.
Learning Objectives
  • What is meant by workplace respect?
  • Barriers to understanding and respect
  • Strategies for respectful communication
  • Etiquette in the workplace
  • Embracing diversity & inclusion
  • Communication across generations
  • The importance of validation and appreciation
2/27/24 WEEK 4: Wellness in the Workplace
In the dynamic world of today’s workplace, the significance of employee well-being cannot be emphasized enough. It’s time to take a closer look at how to bring more Wellness into the Workplace.  A truly successful Wellness Program transcends the provision of gym memberships or lunchtime yoga classes. It requires active participation in attitudes and behaviors in the workplace that elevate the work experience for employees and positively influences their quality of life.Employees who are fully engaged in their professional and personal lives tend to be happier, loyal and more productive overall.This session presents innovative ideas for implementing a Wellness Program in your company. These ideas and strategies are designed to actively engage and inspire employees in your workplace.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing the importance of workplace well-being
  • Cultivating a wellness-oriented culture
  • Implementing Wellness Programs and Initiatives
  • Discover how coaching can reveal the untapped potential of employees

This series is sponsored by the Workforce Development Board of Solano County and is made possible by funding from Solano County.

Continuing Education credits will be provided at the end of the series for registrants who have attended all 4 sessions live.

Approved for HRCI and SHRM credits.

Registration is required by visiting California Employers Association.