WIOA Guidance

WIOA Guidance

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed by President Barack Obama on July 22, 2014 after passing Congress with bipartisan support. WIOA reauthorizes and augments the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998.

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The WDB provides local directives that guide WIOA activities for participant and administrative activities and is responsible for developing and disseminating policies for Solano County.


WIOA requires state, regional, and local strategic plans that provide a road map for workforce activities in the years to come.

View the 2020-2023 California Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan focused on fostering demand-driven skills attainment; enabling upward mobility for all Californians; and aligning, coordinating, and integrating programs and services.


The North Bay Regional Planning Unit, aslo known as North Bay Employment Connection (NBEC) consists of Sonoma Workforce Investment Board, Workforce Alliance of the North Bay (including Lake, Marin, Mendocino, and Napa Counties), and Workforce Development Board of Solano County.


The local plan provides a road map for the WIOA workforce development system in Solano County.