BuildEd Workshops

Put Yourself in a Position of Power

The Workforce Development Board of Solano County and BuildEd have partnered to bring valuable workshops to the community at NO COST. Through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding, made possible by Solano County, the WDB continues to bring Solano County residents programs to help learn how to leverage skills, strengthen career pathways, and learn about new opportunities like owning your own business.

Success is important no matter where you are in your career. Identifying value in your life and career will always help increase job performance and prepare you for advancement. It’s time to take ownership of your career path, whether this means moving up the ladder or exploring owning your own business, BuildEd workshops are for you!

The 21st Century Entrepreneurship Workshop

Entrepreneurship is more than just business ownership. It means being the CEO of YOU!

About the workshop

This workshop is for ANYONE and EVERYONE and is designed to provide education and training on how to perform well in the job, retain the job, advance faster, and increase lifetime earnings in the modern economy. BuildEd experts will provide a foundation of understanding and power that will give you the tools to succeed in any situation. From getting jobs, performing well at jobs, advancing, doing freelance work, to starting a business, this puts you in a position of power. You don’t need to be self-employed or interested in starting your own business to get something meaningful out of this workshop. It is designed to motivate and shift your mindset when it comes to taking ownership of your career path.

The workshop is a 6-hour interactive, discussion-based course offered virtually in two formats to help accommodate your schedule. Attend and complete the workshop in 1 day or break it up into 2 days, available during the day, evenings, and Saturdays! Those who complete at least 80% of their playbook, provided as part of the workshop, will receive an industry-recognized credential from the National Association of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership (NAEBL). And gain access to four on-demand 1:1 mentorship with a BuildEd advisor.

NO COST TO REGISTER!!! Enrollment in WDB’s services is not required.

Who can register for the workshop?

If you’re a Solano County resident, and ONE of the following statements applies to you, you can register for the workshop.

* Lost my job during the pandemic.
* Looked for work sometime in the past 12 months.
* Employed part-time and want to work full-time.
* Currently employed but seeking a job with better opportunities.
* Under the age of 35.
* Current or last job is at a wage less than $20.00/hr.
* My highest level of education is a high school diploma.
* I identify as a member of a minority group.
* I receive public assistance benefits.

What to expect after you register

Once you’ve successfully completed the registration form and picked a date for the workshop, a BuildEd staff memeber will reach out by phone to walk you through the login process and confirm your registration. BuildEd staff are available by phone, text, or email throughout your entire journey, from registration through mentorship, and are happy to help if there are any questions.

You can take the workshop on any device including your phone, tablet or computer. Taking the workshop on a laptop or computer is highly encouraged since it will be easier to complete the playbook provided as part of the program.

If you have scheduled your workshop during WDB’s business hours, we can help with computer access. For more information about computer access or about this workshop, email us at