Job Searching During COVID - Let's face it. The job market has changed! This workshop will help you identify high-demand industries and in-demand jobs, as well as share great tips on how to job search during the pandemic. Register today!

Identifying Your Skills - We all basically know what our skills are, or do we? This workshop will teach you the concepts of job content skills, self-management skills, transferable skills, and how to identify the skills you possess to impress your potential employer. Register today and download the handout for the workshop!

How Do You Look on Paper? - Show what you can do! Get basic advice and quality tips on successfully completing employment applications and resumes. Register today and download the handout for the workshop.

Interviewing 101 - Need to brush up on those interviewing skills? Learn the 6 (six) things interviewers want to learn from a candidate and 10 (ten) strategies to help you prepare for answering the interviewer's toughest questions. Register today and download the handout for the workshop.

Career Advantage - Take advantage of the opportunity to network with other job seekers just like you, talk through job search challengs, discover new employment opportunities, and learn valuable tips and tricks from WDB's knowledgeable Business Services Consultants.

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** available to enrolled clients only

Budget & the Unknown - Budgeted while actively in job search is an important step to stretching your dollar and accomplishing your goals. During this workshop, you will be able to take away varied concepts on managing your money, reviewing your expenses, and earning extra income.

Planning Your Job Search - Managing your personal life can become overwhelming at times but adding time to job search can really take a toll on your everyday tasks. Learn best practices for brainstorming, preparing your job search schedule (complete with assigning due dates and priorities), tracking your progress, self-delegation, and caring for yourself in the midst of it all.

Interviewing 201 - So you brushed up on basic interviewing skills but are ready for more. Find out how to respond to the 10 most commonly asked interview questions and 9 commonly asked illegal questions. Get tips and techniques to use during a behavioral interview.

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