Talent Resources

The Workforce Development Board partners with over 25 local agencies and organizations that can provide resources and services in the following areas:

  • Tax and Financial Incentive Services
  • Connection to Industry Partnerships
  • Best Practices Sharing around Talent
  • Work with Diverse Populations


Helpful Websites for Solano County Businesses

Solano Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - www.solanosbdc.org

Solano Economic Development Corporation (EDC) - www.solanoedc.org

Benicia Chamber of Commerce - www.beniciachamber.com

Dixon Chamber of Commerce - www.dixonchamber.org

Fairfield- Suisun Chamber of Commerce - www.fairfieldsuisunchamber.com

Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce - www.riovista.org

Vacaville Chamber of Commerce - www.vacavillechamber.com

Vallejo Chamber of Commerce - www.vallejochamber.com/

Cal Chamber Employment Law - https://www.calchamber.com/california-employment-law/pages/california-employment-law.aspx


For more detailed information, contact our Business Services Unit.

For businesses located in Fairfield, contact:
Sonja Rockwell-Jackson, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3509 or srockwell-jackson@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Dixon, Suisun, Rio Vista, or Benicia, contact:
Matt Damm, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3595 (office), 707-320-3059 (cell) or mdamm@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vallejo, contact:
Erica Shaw, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-649-4713 (office), (707) 419-2801 (cell) or eshaw@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vacaville, contact:
Jennifer Williams, Business Services Representative
Certified Business Services Consultant™
Certified Workplace Excellence Facilitator

707-863-3584 (office), 707-419-2525 (cell) or jwilliams@solanowdb.org