Talent Recruitment

Staffing Agency fees can amount to 35% of a new employee’s annual base salary.”

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Employing the best talent is key to the success and growth of a business no matter what industry or occupation. Yet, recruiting quality talent can be a challenging task. Reviewing resumes is only part of the equation – having a successful strategy in place to finding the best talent possible.

To get started with your strategy, partner with the workforce experts to assist you with:

  • Employment Announcements at No Cost
  • Customized Recruitments and Hiring Events
  • Matched Talent Referrals
  • Candidate Pre-Screening
  • Wage Reimbursement Opportunities

In addition, the Workforce Development Board campus is equipped with conference rooms, interview booths, and a comprehensive computer center available for your business use at no cost.

To take advantage of our recruitment services, connect with one of our proven workforce experts.

For businesses located in Fairfield, contact:
Sonja Rockwell-Jackson, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3509 or srockwell-jackson@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Dixon, Suisun, Rio Vista, or Benicia, contact:
Matt Damm, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3595 (office), 707-320-3059 (cell) or mdamm@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vallejo, contact:
Erica Shaw, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-649-4713 (office), (707) 419-2801 (cell) or eshaw@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vacaville, contact:
Jennifer Williams, Business Services Representative
Certified Business Services Consultant™
Certified Workplace Excellence Facilitator

707-863-3584 (office), 707-419-2525 (cell) or jwilliams@solanowdb.org