Local Projects

The Workforce Development Board of Solano County (WDB) works with stakeholders across the county to improve the workforce development system. The WDB is proud to be a part of the following local initiatives:


The HIRRE initiative stemmed from a county-led call to action to look at how a restructured workforce system could work more effectively and efficiently for both the job seeker and employers. Solano County is making strides to come together and strengthen the workforce system through the HIRRE initiative. Click to learn more about HIRRE or to get involved.


In Spring of 2016 the Solano College Faulty Association formed a steering committee to help Solano Community College solicit feedback from the community on possible improvements to the college’s Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, stemming from the $1.4 million received in Strong Workforce funding. The steering committee came together and organized a public forum that summer which became known as the ‘Doing What Matters for Jobs in Solano County’ initiative. 

The forum focused around “What makes for a Strong Workforce in Solano County?” and “How can Solano Community College help prepare that workforce?” Subsequent public meetings were held to gather additional input from stakeholders, and to help the college identify specific CTE program goals for the 2017-18 school year. 

The ‘Doing What Matters for Jobs in Solano County’ goals are:

  1. Incorporate ‘soft/essential skills’ curriculum/classes a graduation requirement.
  2. Increase marketing & awareness of Solano Community College’s CTE programs.
  3. Establish a single point of contact for SCC programs and departments.
  4. Establish an Advanced Manufacturing/Robotics/Mechatronics program.

INSPIRE: Dreams Start Now & Move Forward Initiative:

Inspire: Dreams Start Now & Move Forward is a growing Solano County workforce initiative within public K-12 school districts. The program represents a partnership between the unified school districts in Solano County, Chambers of Commerce, and the WDB.

Inspire: Dreams Start Now provides a hands-on career fair like experience for 8th grade students to spend a few hours visiting different exhibit tables of Solano County businesses and organizations to learn about possible career pathways. This early exposure can influence the decisions students make in choosing their high school course work. 

Inspire: Dreams Move Forward will make its debut in January of 2018. This next phase will give 10th grade students the opportunity for half-day job shadows and industry tours at businesses throughout Solano County. Afterwards students will return to their respective schools for lunch with local service clubs, teaching students how to become volunteers and leaders in their community.
To learn more about our local projects, contact our planning unit at hhenry@solanowdb.org or at 707-863-3501.