Industry Strategies

Business leaders from various industry sectors are working together to help form “Industry Sector Partnerships” (ISPs)

Industry Sector Partnership Initiative

The Workforce Development Board of Solano County is committed to working alongside key industry partners and community support partners in the region to incubate successful industry sector partnerships focusing on our region’s most important industries. Industry sector partnerships are the driver of systematic approaches within the industry, led by industry leaders.

What’s an Industry Sector Partnership?

Industry Sector Partnerships are collaborations involving “industry partners,” who represent businesses from a specific industry, working closely with “community support partners,” who represent stakeholders such as workforce development, education, and economic development.They are a place for businesses to collectively address issues related to shared vitality; a single table at which to work with their community support partners; and an opportunity to help create solutions to shared pressing issues.

Partnerships reflect the priorities of the industry. Those priorities may include: talent needs, infrastructure, innovation, regulatory process, branding or industry awareness, or other shared priorities to grow and support the industry as a whole. “Civic Entrepreneurs” (aka Industry Champions) make the best industry partners; they are driven by opportunity, can work collaboratively, and are passionate about their business, industry and community.

Benefits to businesses:

  • Increases outcomes and Return on Investment (ROI) potential
  • Provides a critical forum to connect industry best practices
  • Leverages resources around industries considerations
  • Align system-wide programs around business needs
  • Allows solutions to cross programs and jurisdictions

Current Partnerships

Local and regional partnerships include:

  • Napa-Solano Healthcare Industry Partnership
  • Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership
  • Manufacturing Partnership – coming soon!

Industry Strategies Chart

For more Information about industry sector partnerships, please contact Heanther Henry at (707) 863-3501 or